Home Trust Equity line Visa

Our alternative HELOC solution

The Equityline Visa is a flexible solution that gives clients easy and convenient access to the equity in their home through a credit card; without having to break their existing mortgage.

Deal typeRefinance
Property typeOwner-occupied and rental properties
Borrower qualificationGreater of the contract rate + 2% or minimum qualifying rate
FICO ® ScoreNo minimum FICO Score
Credit limit minimum$30,000 Platinum/Leader/Partner
$50,000 Producer/Builder
$75,000 Explorer
Credit limit maximumUp to $1,000,000 in 1 st or 2 nd position
LTVUp to 80% – ELV portion cannot exceed 65% of the property value
AreaMarketable urban and suburban properties (excluding QC)
Closing processFCT or Solicitor
Lender fee2%
Minimum paymentIs calculated using the rate based on the outstanding balance as follows:
5.99% – 0.75% | 6.99-9.99% – 1% | 10.99 -12.99% – 1.25%
SpireCompensation applies
Registered trademark of Home Trust Company.
*Visa Int./Home Trust Company, licensed user mark.

1% cashback
on all eligible purchases

access to Home Equity

Fully open –
no prepayment penalty

annual fee

combined LTV
Under 620
FICO Score
FICO Score
FICO Score
Over 680
FICO Score
Less than 65% LTV8.99%7.99%6.99%5.99%
65% LTV 9.99%8.99%7.99%6.99%
70% LTV10.99%9.99%8.99%7.99%
75% LTV11.99%10.99%9.99%8.99%
80% LTV12.99%11.99%10.99%9.99%


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Closing an Equity line ® Visa *
for debt consolidation

Husband and wife need an Equity line Visa to
consolidate recent debt they incurred from
paying for tuition for two children in university

Clients were employed full-time with bruised credit due to over utilisation


A $100K ELV in second position with a total combined LTV of
75%. This allowed the clients to avoid breaking their first
mortgage at a great low rate and consolidate all of their credit
facilities while leaving some room for any future needs.

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*Visa Int./ Home Trust Company, licensed user mark.